Taxis are highly visible and on the road an average of 18 hours per day. We can deliver your message through engaging media formats both inside and outside each Taxi. Passengers can engage with your brand via innovative digital screens as they travel to their destination while commuters are exposed to your brand with high impact taxi wrap and taxi back media.

TaxiLive, is an Australian-first platform developed by Cab Digital Media (CDM) that displays smart digital billboards on the back of premium taxis, it is a truly dynamic platform that gives advertisers the flexibility to place multiple creatives by time, location and weather – within minutes.

TaxiLive is a GPS enabled smart display with weather sensors that is managed by CDM and powered by the Telstra mobile network. The platform is currently live on the back of over 300 taxis in Sydney, with the platform expanding into Melbourne in August and nationally by the end of the year.

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